Medical Leave Management / Controlling Medical Absences

Every business faces the issue of controlling  medical absences and proper medical leave management. With the appearance and continual clarification of regulations (such as ADA / FEHA, FMLA / CFRA, PDL, and Workers' Compensation), it is difficult to determine and implement policies that keep your company in compliance.

HRM Consulting can assist management in proactively minimizing and mitigating the exposure inherent in medical leave management issues.  Let us help you learn how by controlling medical absences in your workplace.

  • Learn the specifics of policies appropriate for your company
  • Develop effective procedures for handling requests and leaves
  • Assure your “internal credibility” by documenting your policies and actions without creating additional problems
  • Establish an ongoing awareness of the documentation process and compliance parameters
  • Create Essential Function Job Descriptions
  • Correctly handle modified and alternative work assessments
  • Comply with the latest revisions in Return to Work programs
  • Comply with FMLA and CFRA requirements
  • Engage in good faith interactive meetings
  • Accommodate if not an undue hardship
  • Understand what to document and when

Create interactive medical leave management policies and procedures that help you with controlling medical absences in your workplace

We can review and update your existing policies or create a new set of integrated leave policies for you.  Let us help you successfully keep employees on the job?