Career GPS

How We Help:

Three levels of professional consulting are offered to interested candidates:

In a 4-session live workshop limited to four students per session in Murphys, CA or via small group Internet meetings/calls,

we teach you how to:


Understand your natural interests, values and abilities.

(We use standard tests graded with our custom process developed over our 22 years of experience to ensure the results are customized for you, not cookie-cutter results from a computer graded test like you will find elsewhere.)


Learn how to research careers that are the best fit for your interests, values, and abilities.


Learn how to network with individuals in the career(s) you are interested in to laser-focus

your career search to find the best fit for you.


A trained Actor coaches you through mock job interviews and mock networking phone calls to hone your skills as you get feedback and support from other students to maximize your benefit.

HRM Consulting can help you whether you’re a high school or college student requiring assistance in selecting a career or if you’re an adult facing down a career change, by choice or due to an injury. We do not believe that computer graded standard test results that tell you your best career is a "grave digger" are valuable. We only offer a custom solution for you delivered in small group workshops in our Murphys, CA office or via the Internet.

Please call 209-728-8905 to request more information on Career GPS for yourself or your son or daughter.  Please ask for Mr. Breton Nicholson.

If you want a customized solution that is NOT based on a cookie-cutter computer graded test(s), call us now or send an e-mail via our "CONTACT US" page.