HR Training

Improve business performance with Human Resource Training for your management team

Educating your employees is crucial to developing in-house expertise. HRM offers many flexible Human Resource Training programs that address business development, human resource issues, and disability management (some common topics are listed below).

Rarely do all managers within a company have equal experience and knowledge of the best practices in HR policies and compliance. All workshops and presentations can be customized to specifically fit your business, goals, and competitive environment. Helpful study materials have been created to reinforce the training and encourage on-the-job application. Successfully tested across many industries, our session content has been enthusiastically endorsed by satisfied clients.

HR Training packages can be designed uniquely for your business, and could include any or all of these subjects:

  • Developing Essential Function Job Descriptions
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Key documentation requirements across all fields
  • Team analysis and team building
  • Time management
  • Human resource issues from hiring to separation
  • Workers’ Compensation requirements

HRM Consulting offers you the choice of on-site or off-site management training. Presentations and training programs can be delivered at your facility, online, or off-site. HRM’s Murphys, California location, situated in the heart of Calaveras County wine country, is often selected by our clients for both small and large gatherings; larger groups can be accommodated at local vineyard locations or a golf community of your choice.

Ms. De Lima is based in the Murphys, California and Chicago, Illinois areas and is available to travel nationally.

Contact Beth Brascugli De Lima via phone at 1.209.728.8905 or email for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation about your case.