You Can Stop FMLA Abuse in 57 Days.

FMLA Abuse Can Lead to a Lawsuit That Can Cost Your Firm Over $300,000. 

Working as an in-the-trenches HR Consultant since 1992, I showed 16% of my 547 corporate consulting clients how to permanently stop rampant FMLA abuse in their company. Including stopping intermittent FMLA abuse.

My name is Beth B. De Lima, MBA, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP. In my 30 years as an HR Consultant, I trained over 1,327 employees—at firms with less than 10 to more than 7,503 employees—how to manage their state and federal medical leaves.

Since 1992, I have been refining the simple, effective, and exceptionally powerful system I created to help over 84 of my 547 corporate HR consulting clients to control all their medical leaves. This system is proven to save you time, reduce cost, and improve productivity. It puts you in control of all your medical leaves. It gives you the power to prevent lawsuits and control—not just manage—your company's medical leaves.

FMLA, ADA, Workers’ Compensation, Pregnancy Disability, and all California specific medical leaves are now easy to manage with clear, step-by-step instructions for you.

This system:

  • Stops FMLA abuse 100% of the time
  • Reduces medical leave costs by at least 8.7%
  • Improves productivity by reducing unneeded medical leaves
  • Puts you in control with the best forms and training available
  • Is easy to use and very fast to learn (you can master the leave letters and forms in a few days, like Veronica at Sunsweet Growers)
  • Is proven to save you time
  • Reduces your stress
  • Saves your company money

100% of my consulting clients who use this system have successfully avoided any medical leave lawsuits since implementation. Dozens of my clients saw FMLA abuse ended permanently while several more had multi-year FMLA abuse from an individual employee stopped. With our system, you can forever end the hassle of FMLA abuse, even in intermittent cases.

The system shows you how to prevent FMLA abuse, so you can avoid the hassle and expense FMLA abuse can create.

Now, you can access 24/7/365 a large library of FMLA forms, letters, step-by-step narratives, how-to videos, a private LinkedIn Group, Q&A calls, checklists, and more. Including the EXACT forms I created to help stop FMLA abuse for my clients. This encompasses the critical “curing” letters and 2nd and 3rd opinion letters. Our system includes free group Q&A sessions to help you stop your FMLA abuse issue quickly. ADA and Workers’ Compensation forms, too! All California medical leave forms are handled just as quickly, easily, and effectively to make it EZ and fast for you.

It has the following ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation, Pregnancy Disability and CA FEHA, CFRA and PDL resources at your fingertips 24/7/365:

  • 84 federal forms/letters with 84 step-by-step how-to narratives
  • 112 California specific forms/letters with 112 step-by-step how-to narratives (which help you use the EXACT right form or letter every time to minimize risk and save time)
  • 12 Flowcharts to ensure you quickly complete all forms/letters
  • 2 leave diagrams to help you understand the workflow within and among leaves
  • A growing bank of scenarios to help you see how to handle various complications
  • 8 how-to videos to help you learn fast
  • 9 how-to narratives to help you reduce your learning curve
  • 7 Checklists to help you complete everything correctly, quickly, and accurately
  • A growing list of FAQs to help shorten your learning curve

When FMLA ends, ADA might begin. My system walks you step-by-step through the ADA good faith interactive process. It shows you how to confirm and document if an accommodation is an undue hardship or a reasonable accommodation. ADA lawsuits are very expensive and far more common than FMLA lawsuits. Let my system show you how to eliminate the potential for litigation by correctly transitioning your employees from FMLA to ADA.

FMLA abuse impacts your workforce and wastes both your and the supervisor’s time. It can also be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Our members gain instant access to all the FMLA abuse forms, step-by-step instructions, and many more tools that I have created in my decades in business as an HR consultant and FMLA/ADA trainer, and my more than 15 years as an HR Expert Witness. My system and I will deliver the results you need, guaranteed!

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Need to end FMLA abuse now?

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