High School Career GPS

A series of four interactive workshops, including:

  • Simple, but customized, research by you to determine your best career as well as your natural abilities, values, and interests to match with great careers for you.
  • Comprehensive testing, custom evaluation, and training by a Vocational Expert to show you how to find your best and easiest career paths—with or without college requirements. Please note: Not only do we use comprehensive tests and show you how to understand the results, we then apply the findings to determine which careers best fit your natural abilities, values, and interests. This program was developed exclusively by Ms. Beth B. De Lima for her clients and children to make choosing the right career a step-by-step process driven by you, not a computer. This program will not tell you that "Grave Digger" is the best career for you, like standard, computer graded tests. It gives you insight into your own unique skills, values, and interests as well as the tools necessary to research and find careers that you will love.
  • Job search and networking techniques in various mediums such as the Internet, print publications, and in-person networking.
  • Dressing for success for interviews and the business world.
  • Mock interviewing and telephone networking/interviewing skills taught by a trained Actor.

HRM Consulting shows students how to research, choose, network, and successfully interview  for a great career, either in blue or white-collar careers. This program will help deliver a custom researched and selected career choice for you by you with the help of our training.

Call 209-728-8905 or e-mail us now for more information on our live or Internet Career GPS program. Please ask for Mr. Breton Nicholson.