Hiring to Separation

The Employee Life Cycle is common to all businesses.

Finding and keeping the right people is essential to a successful company, as is appropriately terminating an unproductive relationship.

HRM Consulting can provide services such as training your in-house staff in all aspects of the Employee Life Cycle process, from recruitment to accommodation to separation. We provide useful, valid, and current methodologies to address both the daily and bigger picture issues.

Companies, organizations, and government offices often request:

  • Assistance with recruitment, job matching, and competency assessments (pre-hire and post-offer testing)
  • Improved effectiveness of their performance appraisal process
  • Proven methods of retaining top performers
  • Guidance in managing conflict and difficult employees
  • Appropriate compliance guidelines to meet ADA and FMLA regulations
  • Exit strategies and proper termination procedures
  • Guidelines for documenting litigation-prone issues

HRM Consulting, Inc., provides comprehensive documentation management programs, which include training for on-site administrative HR assistants in the process of implementing, calendaring, and maintaining the Employee Life Cycle. You’ll find HRM Consulting to be a cost-effective way to manage your HR requirements.