Conflict Management

Every workplace is subject to the consequences of human interaction. Though many of these are positive—particularly when the environment is organized to best manage the business performance of individuals—conflict is inevitable. Conflict, however, can also be managed, which allows the results to contribute to the environment rather that detract from it.

Difficult employees, inexperienced managers, unclear standards, differences of opinion, hazy job descriptions, unexplained expectations, and confusing policies all often lead to disagreement and tension. Training is instrumental in dealing with conflict so that tensions do not escalate and solutions can be created.

HRM Consulting offers training to help managers:

  • Recognize the precursors of conflict
  • Listen effectively and objectively
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Follow step-by-step processes for resolution
  • Establish grievance procedures
  • Feel comfortably equipped to deal with difficulties
  • Document corrective actions properly
  • Understand fully the regulations that govern employment policies

Providing your managers with the tools and competency necessary to effectively manage employee relations and policies keeps your company protected and on track with productive, satisfied employees.