Essential Function Job Descriptions

The foundational documents at the core of your company's success are the concise descriptions of every position held by your employees. If the job description for each position is accurate and thorough, you are most likely to hire and retain the best employees, successfully manage their performance, and competently fulfill all compliance issues while minimizing exposure and litigation.

There is not a more important step in the development, or improvement, of a productive organization than the formulation of Essential Function Job Descriptions. It sounds simple, and can be—with the appropriate expert advice.

The Essential Function Job Description accomplishes vital objectives, serving as:

  • The hub of the employee life cycle (from hiring to separation)
  • The key document utilized when responding to ADA accommodation compliance issues
  • The basis for developing a valid and useful performance management system
  • A positive impact on job performance and productivity
  • Impetus for the achievement of organizational goals
  • A deterrent to negative legal consequences

The formulation of an Essential Function Job Description is based on the answers to these questions:

  • What are the expectations for this position?
  • What are the important physical and mental abilities needed to perform the essential job functions?
  • What tools, equipment, or work aids are used to perform the functions of this position?
  • How will they be achieved?
  • How is the employee's performance expectation measured?
  • How do we provide effective remedial action when performance falls short of expectations?

The Essential Function Job Description is a critical part of HR's best practices for managing the Employee Life Cycle and avoiding litigation.